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We are a vibrant, engaging and supportive community, made up of members from organisations of all sizes from a broad range of industries. Our community gives you access to great thinking and skill sets across the eastern seaboard, as well as a broad network to collaborate with.

Featured members

  • Australia's National Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research

  • An app to help you gather feedback, quickly, so you can be your best

  • A consulting firm that enables mid-sized companies to achieve sustained growth and returns

  • Modelling and analytics for adaptive management

Michael O’Driscoll


“I love starting new businesses and helping people succeed. I get a kick out of connecting people who could do business together.”

  • Before working at Nous House … I was a senior executive across several business sectors, a company director and small business owner.
  • My greatest achievements … have usually been when something good came out of nothing more than an idea, and watching people run with that idea and be successful.
  • Outside of work … I’m a traveller. I’ve lived in a few different countries now and love experiencing the culture and food of this lonely planet. I hope I don’t run out of time to see it all!

Aimee Miranda

Melbourne Community Manager

“I love being a Community Manager because you get to know brilliant individuals doing exciting things, and it’s a privilege to support them in their journey.”

  • Before working at Nous House … I looked after digital marketing and projects at Pollenizer, a pioneering Australian startup incubator and consultancy.
  • My greatest achievement … started a non-profit community carols event called Carols at Featherbrook with no experience, it’s now in its 6th year running with over 1000+ attendees, 100 volunteers and community sponsors.
  • Outside of work I enjoy … playing piano and drums, eating out and reading.

Bianca Vik

Sydney Community Manager

“Every day is different at Nous House and it enables me to assist a variety of businesses in growing, learning and becoming a part of a professional community.”

  • Before working at Nous House … I was a Sales and Marketing Coordinator at an Information Management company.
  • My greatest achievement is … staying dedicated to learning at least 30 minutes of Spanish a day.
  • Outside of work I enjoy … salsa dancing, trying out new restaurants and travelling.

Gretchen Smith

Sydney Community Manager

“I enjoy supporting the members in our office, and making sure their days run smoothly, as well creating a community of amazing people in Nous House.”

  • Before working at Nous House … I worked at an IT company in San Diego, California. I worked as the receptionist, and also the product photographer, providing images of the stock for the website.
  • My greatest achievement is … running a Boston qualifying time at the Sydney Marathon.
  • Outside of work … my life revolves around running. I am currently training for a 50Km followed by the Honolulu Marathon, and will tackle my first 100Km run in May 2018.

Ariana Vinluan

Brisbane Community Manager

“Working with Nous House allows me to meet interesting people, introduce them to others, and build some amazing networks.”

  • Before working at Nous House … I was working with MGM Resorts in Las Vegas, and was in Property Management in Seattle prior to that.
  • My greatest achievement is … climbing to the peak of Angel’s Landing and back down.
  • Outside of work I enjoy … the ballet, brunch, and cheering for the Seahawks!

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