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Work from anywhere and grow your business with a virtual office

It’s now almost 5 weeks into the new year, the clock is ticking. Contemplating the launch of that dream business or lucrative side gig? It’s time to review the benefits of a great tool used by savvy start-ups, the virtual office or professional business address.

If you build it, they will come.

A professional business address offers your new venture the presence required to market your business and a professional space to service your clients. Cloud-based technologies, the IoT and the smart phone allow us to work anywhere from our lounge rooms, a beachfront bungalow or local café. Which means now we can not only choose where we work, but also where our office lives.

By domiciling your business with a centrally located A grade professional address with an elegant “storefront” a professional perception and sense of assurance is easily conveying to your clients. It’s the old saying “dress to impress” and your workspace is no exception.

Should your clients or prospects drop-in, friendly reception staff will advise you are not available and send you an email with the client’s details. Ensuring your business is represented in a professional manner and you don’t lose any valuable potential leads.

The “Uber” of office space.

As a start-up, one of the main impediments to overcome as build your business and presence is cumbersome fixed overheads. As a virtual office member, office space services are available much like Uber, you can easily book and pay only for what you require.

A virtual office allows you to pay for only the workspace services that will help your business grow in the early stages. Best of all, as a virtual office member, should you require an upgrade to a co-working desk or office, you will receive preferential access and the transition will be quick and simple.

Your business is as mobile as you are.

As a member of a networked professional address provider, you can choose from a range of A grade locations to represent and domicile your business with the flexibility to expand within 24 hours. If your business has the range to secure and administer potential clients in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, a multi-address package can market your business nationally for a few dollars a day. Secure the business or the meeting and book the space you need in the city you need it!

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